Retirement Planning For Individuals Over Age 50

Reduce Taxes | Optimize Income | Retire Without Worry

Why Clients Trust Fairchild Capital

We Help You With Taxes.

Many firms avoid tax planning. Not us. We use them to maximize retirement income.

We Don’t Make Commissions.

We’re fiduciaries. Our #1 priority is helping clients — no hidden fees, transparent fee schedule.

We Value Relationships.

We don’t have a “standard script.” Every client gets 1-on-1, customized guidance.

How We Help You Reach Your Dream Retirement Destination

Maximize Your Income

We provide custom-tailored recommendations to help you maximize your retirement income.

Tax Planning

We help you keep as much income as possible, without overpaying taxes

Personal Portfolio Management

We take care of your portfolio as if it were our own. So you don’t have to stress about it anymore.

Every Great Journey Starts With A Map

Everyone’s Dream Retirement Is Different. Maybe You Want To…

Spend more time with your family

Relax on the beach with your toes in the sand and a cold drink

Or finally have time to start those home improvement projects

No Matter What Retirement Means To You…It All Starts With Two Things:

A vision of where you want to go

A map to help you get there

At Fairchild Capital, We Call It Your Retirement
Destination Roadmap™.

Want To Get Clear About Where You’re Going In Retirement?

Click Below To Start Planning Your Journey And See How We Can Help

Fairchild Capital Case Studies

Take A Look At These Hypothetical Case Studies To See How We Can Help

(Please note: These are examples. They do not represent a specific Topturn client and should not be considered a guarantee of results).

Retired Early

Linda is a single retiree with one daughter. Having worked hard her whole life, Linda was well to do, but wasn’t sure what to do with her financial resources so that she could retire early.


James and Patricia had recently moved to a new state. They enjoyed engaging in DIY projects, especially fixing up homes. James was a software engineer, and the couple lived frugally. They did not think they would be able to retire based on their income and savings.

Approaching Retirement

Mary works full time but is nearing retirement. She owns a home and handles all the upkeep by herself. She likes to spend time with her grandson as well as reading books but often feels rushed and like she doesn’t have enough time for what matters to her most in life.

If You’re Looking For Someone In A Fancy Suit And Tie, You’re In The Wrong Place

Fairchild Capital was founded by Todd Porterfield. Todd grew up on a ranch and is an outdoorsman at heart. As a Certified Financial Planner™, his mission is to help hard-working people retire so they have more time for what matters most.

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