FAQ: Retirement Planning with Fairchild Capital

Where are you located? 

Our office is in Portland, Oregon, on 5603 SW Hood Ave. Most of our clients are located in the surrounding area, but if you’re looking for a fee-only financial planner to help you plan your retirement, distance is not an issue. Our out-of-state clients typically talk to us via Zoom.

Who are you and who do you help? 

We only help people aged 50 and over reduce their taxes, optimize their retirement income and retire without worry. Every client gets 1-on-1, customized guidance. We’re fee-only, so you only receive recommendations from us about what you NEED to retire well. Nothing more, and nothing less. 

What services do you offer? 

We do comprehensive retirement planning to help you plan and maintain a steady income after retiring. We help you minimize your tax burden, reduce the risk of running out of money, and handle your investment portfolio for you so that you don’t have to stress about it. Click here to learn more about our services. 

How do I start working with you? 

We start our client relationships with a free customized Retirement Destination RoadmapTM. Your personalized Roadmap answers these questions for you: 
Can I afford to retire?
Am I overpaying your taxes?
Can my portfolio be improved?
Can I eliminate, or at least reduce, threats to my retirement?
Click here to learn more and schedule a call with us to get your Retirement Destination RoadmapTM.

How to choose a financial planner for retirement?

When hiring a retirement planning specialist, consider the following:
– Seek expertise: Look for advisors specializing in retirement planning for individuals over 50, with demonstrated knowledge in strategies and customized plans.
– Check qualifications: Ensure the planner holds relevant credentials and has experience working with clients in similar situations.
– Assess approach: Choose a planner who takes a comprehensive view of your retirement goals and offers personalized strategies.

Do I need a financial planner for retirement?

Hiring a financial planner for retirement isn’t mandatory, but their expertise can be highly beneficial. A retirement financial planner can provide valuable guidance to develop a customized retirement plan, optimize your investments, minimize taxes through smart tax planning strategies, and ensure a financially secure retirement.

How to find a good financial planner for retirement?

The best way to make sure a financial planner is right for you before you start working with them is by interviewing them. Schedule a consultation to discuss their approach to retirement planning, services, fees, and how they would tailor a plan for you. You can schedule a call with us by clicking here. 

Questions to ask a financial planner about retirement?

When meeting a financial planner about retirement, ask these questions:
– How will you assess my retirement goals and financial situation?
– What strategies do you use to create a personalized retirement plan?
– How do you incorporate tax planning into retirement strategies?
– What is your investment philosophy, and how do you manage risk in retirement portfolios?
– How often will we review and adjust my retirement plan?
– What are the fees for your services?
– Can you provide references from successful retired clients you’ve guided?

What’s the difference between a financial advisor and a retirement planner?

A financial advisor typically offers a broader range of financial services with no particular emphasis on a single specialty. A retirement planner specializes in creating and implementing retirement-specific strategies, focusing on estimating retirement expenses, optimizing Social Security benefits, and managing retirement income streams.

Why do I need a financial planner for retirement?

A retirement financial planner specializes in helping you make retiring simpler and easier to do. They can help you develop a complete retirement strategy, maximize your retirement income, optimize your investment portfolio, minimize taxes, and design your finances to be in-line with your goals.

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